The Great Music Therapy Week Improvisation

The day: Sunday 22nd May 2011. The time: between 5pm and 7pm. A live, online improvisation between ensembles around the country will be taking place to promote National Music Therapy Week.

Groups in Faversham, London, Bristol, Yorkshire and
Scotland will all be listening and responding to a preprepared loop of sound-sculptor Henry Dagg playing the Sharpsicord, transmitted over Skype.

For a taste of Dagg’s remarkable sound, take a look at this video on YouTube, which shows Henry Dagg playing the saw alongside the Sharpsichord (also known as the Pin-Barrel Harp).

Dagg with the Pin-Barrel Harp

Aside from being a potentially beautiful piece of creative art, this event is also a wonderful example of how music and sound can be used to create a communicative link between people, regardless of distance.

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