Upcoming radio interviews with Tina Warnock

For those  interested in finding out more about the events of National Music Therapy Week and Belltree, Tina Warnock will be appearing on Brighton’s Radio Reverb this Thursday at 17:30 with Brighton Institute of Modern Music student Anna Rice.

If you don’t catch that, tune in to Colourful Radio on Friday at 11:35 to hear Tina discussing music therapy on Life with Karla Williams.

 On Monday 6th, Tina will be talking on Juice FM at 8:25 in the morning.  

In other air wave news, Radio 3’s  Music Matters  is to feature a story about The British Association for Music Therapy and the latest research in the field. It will be airing this Saturday, 4th of June at 12:15.

Radio Reverb is on 97.2 FM and www.radioreverb.com

Colourful Radio is available at www.colourfulradio.com

Juice FM is on 107.2 FM and www.juicebrighton.com

For details on the Radio 3 show, go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b011pks0

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